10 myths about healthy food that you thought were true (in fact they are not)

10 myths about healthy food that you thought were true (in fact they are not)

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1.Fresh is always better than frozen

Fresh corn has a better nutritional profile than frozen? No,not really.The “fresh” products and not that fresh because
they exceed one thousand and thousands of miles to come to your store or marketplace.Also, heat, air and water can lead to loss of nutrients along the way.

2.Red wine is good for you

Yes, usually one cup of any alcoholic beverage a day may be good for your health, but that is the point.Just one glass.In fact, people often exaggerate with the consumption of red wine thinking that they are drinkign healthy drink which isn’t exactly the healthiest choice.

3.100 Fruit juice is an excellent alternative to other juices

Although fruit juice is healthier ther other soft drinks but not as much healthy that you might think.The majority of 100% fruit juices contain high amount of sugar which causes insulin bomb in your body.Also there is a lack of fiber that is lost in processing of fruits.Therefore, the best is to make juices at home or eat raw fruits.

4.Organic food is healthier

We all know that organic food does not use synthetic colors, preservatives, pesticides, and that such food is not genetically modified.Many agree that this kind of food is better for environment,however,is organic food healthier then conventional food?Namely,there are studies that show that organic food indeed is healthier,however it is the research that has been short-lived, and scientists and relevant agencies like USDA still not claim that organic food is more nutritious than conventional.

5.Brown bread is better than white bread

Usually when we buy dark bread that doesn’t mean that it is made from whole grains because manufacturers use a variety of tricks to produce dark bread.Most usually they add caramel color to white bread and that is how they got dark bread.When you buy dark bread alway read the label on the package to see if it is made from whole grains/wheat.If you want to see is your brown bread “real” just dip it in a glass of water, and if it starts to lose color it is just colored white bread.

6.If the product says it is natural it means it is healthy

Producers often use this trick and add to their product labels such as all-natural, 100 natural etc.Do not fall for it,but read declaration of what that product actually contains,because this section in food industry is unregulated and undefined.

7.You should drink sport drink after exercise

Sports drinks are for a very intensive training and are usually used by professional athletes.But marketing is a miracle.Unless you’ve done a very intense training or you trained on high temperature then you can drink sports drink.But after recreational training it is best to consume water to rehydrate.Sports drinks should be avoided because they contain a lot of sugar and consuming them after recreational training only adds unnecessary calories.

8.Brown sugar is healthier than white

Brown sugar is white sugar with higher percentage of molasses.Because of this content of molasses the brown sugar contain small amount of minerals.

9.Brown eggs are healthier then white eggs

Eggshell color depends on the chicken feathers.White chicken gives white eggs,while red chickens gives brown eggs.

10.Sea contains less sodium

There are several types of salt,but none of them are healthy or unhealthy.Sea salt contains sodium as much as an ordinary kitchen salt.However crystals of sea salt are slightly larger and the people most often use smaller amounts of this salt then kitchen salt.