A few sips of this natural remedy can save your life!

A few sips of this natural remedy can save your life!

natural remedy for high cholesterol

Due to the accelerated lifestyle and unhealthy habits,more and more people are struggling with high cholesterol who “quietly” indicates a poor state of blood vessels.

If you leave the doctor office regulary with blood test results showing that you have high cholesterol and you listen on daily bases what health problems that can couse,that you know how important is to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

You can achive this with this natural remedy that is really easy to prepare,which effectively removes the fat in the blood and at the same time strengthens blood vessels,clean intestines of parasites and strengthens the immune system.

Healing properties are based on lemon and parsley which are cooked for 2 or 3 hours.


1 kg of lemon
5 pieces of parsley
3 liters of water
1 sachet baking soda


Wash the lemon in cold water,then soak in warm water in which you have previosly intervened bag of baking soda.Leave it in the water for about an hour.

Chop the parsley in into small pieces (or short grind in a blender) and then do the same with lemon (with peel).

Place the parsley and lemon in a deep pan and pour them three liters of water and cook at a lower temperature for two to three hours.When the ingredients are cooked well,strain the water, and what remains, about 1.5 liters of syrup pour into a clean glass bottle.

How to consume it:

Every morning,drink one small glass of this syrup on an empty stomach and do that for to weeks.Take a break one week and repeat the process if necessary.

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