Cancer can survive in your body only if you eat this…so better cut this food out from your menu!

The damage caused by this ingredient is very well known and media often writes about them,but many people continues to consume it …

Sugar plays an important role in the development of cancer cells in the body and despite that many people are still eating high amount of sugar.

A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of San Francisco,California reveals that one ingredient that is added to many foods is responsible for death for more than 35 millions people yearly.According to the scientists,sugar is responsible for many diseases such as diabetes,metabolic syndrome,hypoglycemia,hyperglycemia,heart disease,cancer, etc.

A study conducted at the Institute for cancer research in the US state of Utah shows that sugar is one of the most common cause of cancer.The tumor cells use a lot more glucose than normal cells.Various studies have shown that people who have higher levels of glucose in the blood have higher predisposition of developing cancer.

The inevitable fact is that our cells require glucose (sugar),which is transformed into energy.Cancer cells can survive with simple carbohydrates,including the refined sugars found in processed foods and sweets.

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells can convert their energy from glucose without oxygen.This process is called anaerobic glucose, and creates waste matter,similar to lactic acid.This type of lactic acid can be broken down in liver and the waste material which is obtained during this process is the glucose which go back to supply cancer cells forming a circular cycle in which there is continuous supply of glucose in the bloodstream,which stimulates growth
and the development of tumors.
Experts point out that the processed sugars are associated with cancer for two reasons:

1. Those are the potential cause for the occurrence of cancer
2. Sugar is the “best” food for the cancer cells

To protect your health, consider how much sugar you consume and try to avoid consuming processed sugar as much as you can.