Clean your lungs in just 3 days with this natural remedy!

Clean your lungs in just 3 days with this natural remedy!

lung cancer
Most of us don’t have time to implement the complicated regimens that are essential for detoxification.That’s why we bring you a method how to clean the lungs in just three days.

Many people have never smoked cigars but still have problems with the lungs,while others smoke for 30/40 years
and don’t have those problems.

Everything seems to be individual but cigarettes probably contribute to the poor condition of the lungs.This method is therefore more necessary for smokers but whether you are a smoker or not,it will surely do you good to clean the lungs of toxins.
Here’s how to do it in just three days.

Two days before this process you should stop consuming diary products and the night before the first day of the
regime have a herbal tea before bed.

This will help your intestines release toxins,which is important because the lungs can not be overloaded during the detoxification process.


Squeeze two lemons in 300 ml of water and drink before breakfast.

Drink 300 ml of grapefruit juice or pineapple.These juices contain natural antioxidants, which are important for the health of the lungs.

Between breakfast and lunch,drink 300 ml of pure carrot juice.This will help to increase the alkalinity of blood.

During lunch you should drink the 400 ml of juice that is rich in potassium.Potassium is a key element in clearing the lungsThe recipe for the juice follows below.


Squeeze in the juicer 350g parsnips, 350 g of green peppers, watercress 200 g and 350 g of cucumber.You should get about 400 ml of juice.

Finally,at bedtime you should drink 400 ml of cranberry juice.

In addition to these juices you should also do some physical activity,get plenty of sleep and you can make hot bath 20 minutes a day,to increase detoxification.

This process is a bit tiring,but for only three days you will achieve amazing results.

  • Enrique Woll Battistini

    Thank you very much. But HealthyFoodPardise or HealthyFood Paradise? 300 kg of green peppers? Or grams? Is it psyhical activity? Or physical activity? No spaces between words… Very interesting but you need to run this through a spell checker and replace your keyboard.

    • Thanks alot Enrique for telling me where I made mistakes,sience english is not my primary language sometimes I do mistakes.

      • Enrique Woll Battistini

        I found no alternative address for you so I hope I didn’t offend you Anifeja!! I believe there is a HUGE need for healthy food outlets through established restaurants and new ones the world over. Best regards.

  • Livian Reads

    I wonder if this would work when having bronchitis? I will definitely try it! Thank you!

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