Confession of serbian doctor : Thanks to marijuana I have cured cancer

Confession of serbian doctor : Thanks to marijuana I have cured cancer

cannabis oil lung cancer

Photo : Profimedia, AP / Tanjug, Facebook / LEKalizuj

Fifty year old doctor from central Serbia before six months were diagnosed with lung cancer with metastases in the lymph nodes.Stage two to three.He spoke recently about how he cure this cancer using cannabis oil explaining why he reached for this decision and emphasizing the effort for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

Colleagues immediately did everything to help me.After the initial shock, I decided to go into battle against a very awkward opponent –
begins P.B. with confession.

There are alot of con artists that sell a dose of five milliliters up to 3 000 euros. When the cannabis oil is good it should be like resin,golden yellow as the gold ring.Not brown or green.It comes in syringes at doses five milliliters.It is used by the droplet size of half a grain of rice smeared on your finger or put under the tongue – says Alen Azerice, a member of the Croatian Association for Natural, Energy and Spiritual Medicine HUPED that give cannabis oil to patients for free.

As a supporter of classical medicine I have started chemotherapy and since then I have gone through five cycles.

– I’ve put all the possible alternatives. I used various preparations, drops, syrup from the monastery Ravanica, preparations from Capljina, with drops from Cuba,I have heard about cannabis oil but because it was ilegall and punishable,It was very hard to convince the seller that I am not a provocateur – says P.B.

Before he began treatment,he inquired if he would be able to work.

All what I feel when I take cannabis oil is dry mouth and sometimes a mild transient sensation of floating in my head – explains P.B.

PB also changed his diet,he is using cannabis oil and going to chemotherapy.The last tests on his lungs are stunning.

Only after three months I saw that cancer has decreased.My radiologist is enthusiastic. I told the oncologist that I use cannabis oil,he shrugged and said that I should take whatever I think that will help me. – says P.B.

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