Health benefits of pistachios

Health benefits of pistachios


On the list of healthiest foods list we usually see the popular nuts like walnuts and almonds with their ‘cousin’ pistachios unjustly neglected.

But the pistachios also can boost metabolism,a great enemy of bad cholesterol and a significant assistant in slowing aging.

These are health benefits if you eat 15 pistachios daily.

1.It lowers cholesterol

The consumption of pistachios for a few days lowers cholesterol up to 20 percent.This is beause the pistachios
are rich in antioxidant lutein.

The antioxidants prevent the penetration of cholesterol to the blood vessels and prevents inflammation.

2.Great source of fiber

Pistachios are excellent source of fiber, only 100 grams is 10.3 grams of dietary fiber that are crucial in accelerating the metabolism and facilitate digestion problems.

3.It regulates blood sugar

A cup of istachios contains even 6o percent of the recommended daily intake of phosphorus.

Besides this mineral breaks proteins into amino acids,phosphorus improves glucose tolerance.

4.Improve sexual life

Pistachios increases sexual power of men showed a study in which it was proved that regular consumption of pistachios increases the sexual power of men by as much as 51 per cent of which is the responsibility of essential fatty acids.

They help in the production of sex hormones and increase blood flow to the genitalia.

5.Great antioxidants properties

Pistachio is the “champion” among nuts according to its antioxidants content that are responsible for prevent┬ádamage that is made by free radicals.Five to fifteen pistachios per day is recommended in the fight against wrinkles.