Healthy soy pudding with cherries

Healthy soy pudding with cherries

Healthy soy puddin


1.5l water
14 tablespoons of soy milk powder
100 gr raisins
100 gr coconut powder
150 gr soy flour
2 spoons of cornstarch without gluten
3 spoons of cocoa
1 small bottle of bourbon vanilla extract
1 small bottle of raspberry extract
2 or 3 tablespoons of honey
a little chocolate

How to make it

1.In warm water pour pour bang of soy milk and sweetener that you like,in this case honey.

2.Add coconut powder,raisins,vanilla extract,chocolate and bourbon vanilla.

3.Mix soy flour with cocoa and stir with previously mixture.

4.Cook like you are cooking pudding,if it doesn’t thickens add a little bit more of soy flour,ordinary density or integral cornstarch.For this amount of weight, a couple of tablespoons is not a problem. But if you can avoid it, do it.

5.After you got thickened mass,remove it from the cooker and add fried chopped hazelnuts and raspberry flavor.

6.Pour in the bowl only one layer on the bottom,then on that layer add cherryies and then repeat this process.
Cool it well and garnish it with coconut and fresh cherries.