Hot peppers prolongs life!

Hot peppers prolongs life!

hot peppers

People who regularly eat spicy foods not only prolong its life but are less likely to suffer from serious illnesses such as cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, according to Chinese and British scientists.

“Our analysis suggests a link between eating spicy food and the length of life, as well as reduced mortality,” finds out the study of international researchers published in the British Medical Journal.

Years of observing the habits of some 500,000 Chinese people, aged 30 to 79 years, showed that people who almost daily ate spicy and hot food lived longer and rarely get sick, from deadly diseases.

“Our results corroborate previous studies that have indicated a potential protective effect of seasoning food on human health,” the researchers point out the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the University “Oxford” and “Harvard”.

They assume that the main role has the active substance found in chili peppers and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps in the fight against obesity and cancer.