If you lack iron and have low blood counts this is a natural remedy for you

If you lack iron and have low blood counts this is a natural remedy for you

natural remedy for iron deficency


4 lemons with peel
1 jar of honey (the best would be to use organic honey)
50 g nettle seeds
100 g almonds(it is best to put the almonds in water overnight and use them in the morning)


But the lemon with peel but without seeds in blender.

Grind the dried seeds of nettle and almond.

Mix the lemon,nettle and almonds with honey using a wooden spoon and leave in the refrigerator.

Take in the morning one teaspoon on empty stomach.

This mixture is very tasty and very effective.

I can only say that after only days I already noticed changes in the skin and hair.

  • Diane Cressy

    1 jar of honey?? What size 16 oz?

  • Jessica Talstein

    What size “jar of honey” did you use?

  • Diane Cressy

    Are these stinging nettle seeds like you would plant??

    • Those are nettle leafs not seeds

      • Diane Cressy

        The recipe specifically says nettle seeds and it mentions grinding them. I did find some on Amazon in Germany with $38 shipping fee.

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