Natural treatment for kidney stones

Natural treatment for kidney stones

kidney stones

Many peope don’t even know that they have kidney stone.If kidney stones get stopped in the ureter you will experience painful cramps.Nausea, sweating, and feelings of fear are side effects of cramps caused by the kidney stones.Pain cease only when the stone get into the bladder.

Larger stones,that can’t pass through the urethra,should be crushed or surgically removed.Kidney stones are caused by increased concentration of calcium salts in the urine due to overly-salty foods or insufficient secretion of fluid through the skin.The kidney stone can also occur if you use painkillers for longer period of time.

If you want to prevent kidney stones follow these tips

1.Drink atleast 2 liters of fluid a day, especially mineral water without carbon dioxide,natural juices,teas (currant, carrot, celery ..)

2.Teas of nettle and pomegranate improve ejection of uric acid.

3.Change your diet.Try to avoid excessively salty foods,avoid purine-containing foods and add more celery and parsley.

4.Walk more

5.Make urine analysis every six months.

Natural treatment for kidney stones

Finely chop 25 grams of celery root,parsley,licorice and selenium.Put this herbal mixture in a liter of water.Cover and leave to stand overnight and boil in the morning for 2/3 minutes.Once completely cool,strain and drink throughout the day instead of water.Tea is drunk three days and then you make one day a break and repeat the process if needed.

To break up kidney stones: it is necessary to 4 tablespoons of leaves of wild pear and sage (8 tablespoons of tea mixture), then pour mixture with 3 liters of boiling water. When cool, strain and drink throughout the day without drinking anything else for one week.During this period urine may look tarnish and sparkling.

Cherry stems to dissolve kidney stones: herbalists claim that the cherry stems are best to dissolve kidney stones.Wash thoroughly the stems, dry them and finely chopped cook them in water for two minutes.Strain the liquid and drink it instead of water.This tea accelerates the expulsion of stone, soothes inflammation of the kidneys, cleans ureters and stimulates urination.