Remove these 4 foods ingredients for 2 weeks and you will see drastic change in health

Remove these 4 foods ingredients for 2 weeks and you will see drastic change in health

It is recommended to remove the wheat, dairy, soy and corn from your diet.You should eliminate any suspicious food for two weeks and then see how will this change affect you.

Unhealthy fat, salt and sugar in processed foods are not only reason for obesity eating disorders, but also not eating diverse type of foods,according to one researcher, reports


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If we exclude the sugar, approximately 80% of all calories in processed foods is a combination of 4 ingredients.
Based on several other studies, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and author of “The Myth of the diet,” Tim Spector said that the restrictive nature of highly processed foods,which contain only a few ingredients, responsible for undiversified in our intestinal flora and it makes us sick.

“It is nothing new that these foods,which is sombination of saturated fat, calories, sugar and chemicals, which contains no fiber, is not good for us.”

“Undiversified diet is a factor that no one pays attention and 80% of processed foods make up only 4 ingredients: corn, wheat, soybeans and meat. ” – he wrote.

If these four ingredients were good,there would be much more healthy nations all around the world.But actually a vast amount of this so-called
“heatlhy food” turns us to sickest people on the planet.

“For comparison, our ancestors 15,000 years ago regularly consumed about 150 ingredients week”.

Son of researchers volunteered to eat unhealthy food for ten days.Before and after his “diet”,his stool was taken.

In addition, he was lethargic and sick, the samples showed that his gut flora significantly impoverished, with about 40% of species disappeared in only 3 days.

Monsanto put their patented genes in nearly 95% of soybeans and 80% of their corn,and it also managed to
obtain a number of biotech companies that falsely believe that such food is healthy.

If that food is really bad for us,why we want to eat it? Spector says that it creates certain bad bacteria in our intestinal flora that lead us to eat more processed food:

“Each type of microbe likes a certain food sources, which allows them to feed and reproduce.They therefore have their own evolutionary instinct to maintain its ecological niche and will do everything to ensure their survival.
This includes sending a signal that they want to host more junk food that they feed. ”

Spektor advice for consumers is to eat as much diverse food,mostly fresh fruits and vegetables that provides essential vitamins and fiber. He also believes that manufacturers should reformulate their products so that they are more diverse.

“They should use more nuts, seeds and vegetables with high fiber content.”

“Manufacturers should be aware that there is a demand for food that is better for the intestinal flora”.
Nutritionist Kery Rackston also urged food producers to accept responsibility for the crisis of obesity, taking proactive steps to reverse the process.

“Processed foods is part of our modern culture, but companies can help consumers by reducing the number of calories in products and to increase the fiber content,” she said.

Gluten intolerance is no longer something that is rarely seen.The researchers are fully aware that there is a problem with the modern cultivation of wheat.

Wheat is far from healthy foods.It makes us obese,creates fumes and turning us against our own intestines.

Milk products are processed by man,homogenizing them and pasteurized to the situation when they are useless without food nutrients.

Many products that contains soy block production of thyroid hormones, and reduce the energy of the organism by inhibiting the tyrosine kinases, enzymes that transfer energy from one molecule to another.

These enzymes lead to the division of cells, improving memory, tissue repair and maintenance and regeneration of blood vessels.

Spector also stated that a solution could be probiotics.
“Personalised yoghurts could be a solution, and for that it is necessary to test the intestinal flora of humans and divide them into groups. That should not be a problem.”

A recent study at the University of Pittsburgh, pointed out how quickly the sensitive intestinal microflora can change for the better or for the worse with the change in diet.

A group of African-Americans for two weeks replacing high calorie Western diet for rural African diet that includes beans and vegetables.

The researchers found that each group quickly took biomarkers other groups including bacterial activity, fermentation of fiber and inflammatory bowel disease.
Lead researcher Stephen O’Keefe said: “These findings are good news. In just two weeks, change of diet is decreased biomarkers that pose a risk of cancer “.

It is recommended to remove the wheat, dairy, soy and corn from your diet. It should eliminate any suspicious food for two weeks, and then assess how you feel. Experiment with different foods, listen to your body and eventually you will determine what feels comfortable and what does not.