Thanks to this pill people would live 120 years!

Thanks to this pill people would live 120 years!

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Maybe in the moment seems impossible that the average life expectancy would be 120 years but if we consider that todays 70/80 years was inconceivable in the past,then we can assume that world would at some point reach the technological breakthroughs which would allow us to live hundred years on average.Although it sounds as if it comes to a science-fiction film, a pill that will extend the life span of 120 years, may soon become a reality.

Russian scientists carried out the necessary tests of the new formula,from which they claim that can significantly delay the onset of aging.They hope that these pills,which are now tested on rats,mice,fish and dogs,to enable people to live at least 120 years.

The development of many diseases,which are associated with the aging process,could be significantly slowed by this new type of of antioxidant – said Dr. Maksim Skulacev, a scientist from Moscow.

This antioxidant effect on mitochondria,the cellular organelles responsible for energy production in the cell,which are associated with the initiation of the process of aging.

Mitochondria are blamed for heart attacks,Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease – said Skulacev and pointed out that it is technically feasible to man,with a particular treatment,to live 120 years.

Such longevity is likely to lead to that arise many new diseases,typical for the old people.This is the case,for example,with cancer,which in past,when life expectancy was much shorter,was very rare disease.