These are secrets of people that never get sick!

These are secrets of people that never get sick!

washing hands

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Advice from the people who never get sick can help you too also do not get sick this season which can help you to be happy and healthy.


Massage can reduce feelings of anxiety which can keep our stress under control.You can go to the massage only one in a month to feel the differnce.

2.Take a shower with cold water

People who never get sick say that showering with cold water help them them when they don’t have energy and when they have strong migraine.To feel effects you should shower with cold water atleast one minute in winter.

3.Wash your hands

Washing hands is the first activity to be taken to prevent the disease.Hands should be washed with soap for at least 20 seconds.

4.Take vitamin C and zinc

For prevention of colds it is useful to consume foods ric in vitamin C and from preventing the viruses it is recommended to consume zinc supplements or to eat food rich in zinc.

5.Eat more garlic

Garlic is rich in antioxidants that stimulate the immune system and combat inflammation.

6.Think positive

In one study, participants who had increased activity in the area of the brain associated with positive attitude, produce larger quantities of antibodies of flu.If you can’t always be positive,scientist say that you should be less negative in that case.