Wine from blueberry and juniper berries, a cure for almost all diseases

Wine from blueberry and juniper berries, a cure for almost all diseases

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This magical recipe,which dates from ancient times, is prepared with blueberry and juniper berries dipped in wine and alcoholic beverages,it is a wine of blueberries that can be used like treatment for almost all diseases.

It is especially useful when there are problems with poor circulation and blood count, headache and dizziness.

List of all the benefits of this remedy is really big.You should try this wine also if you have chronic and acute diseases of the stomach and intestines,it will help you to combat digestive disorders and inflammation of the colon.

This remedy successfully regulate the digestive flora and destroy and regulate the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi.This remedy also helps with lack of appetite and weakness caused by an illness,surgery or weakened immune

The preparation and use


½ kg of fresh blueberries
½ kg of juniper berries
1 liter of good red wine
½ liter of strong brandy
3 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons sugar


Wash all the berries and leave them in large glass jar.Pour the wine and let stand in refrigerator for 48 hours.Then add to it brandy,honey and sugar.Mix well and allow to stand for seven days.


Four tablespoons morning and evening.You can consume it three days then make pause for two days.If you spend it,you
can make new one and use it again.